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                Pure colloidal Zinc, “Zinc Essence”

Zinc is an essential microelement for the human life, Zinc participates in number bio-chemical reactions within the human body. It is a permanent part of the human body.

 Planetary energy: Mercury Weekday: Wednesday
  Energy system: 4 th, or Heart chakra
 The 4th chakra corresponds to the heart and circulatory system, respiration, digestion and nervous system
Revealed Applications:  Zinc helps to harmonize and integrate body, mind and spirit, opens the way for love, wisdom and strength of the heart; Supports the ability to be self-aware.
Helpful for over-activity and excessive energy, as well as emotional & mental tension, which may result through shock & trauma;  As a support in the case of a week immune system, poor healing of wounds, skin problems, gum bleeding, inflammation of eyes and ears, colds, muscular pain, fever, cramps, cramping cough, swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, tonsils or palate.

    Zinc may positively impact for:

  • Immune resistance
  • It is a Vital element for bones formation
  • Various infections disorders
  • Maintain proper concentration of Vitamin E in the blood;
  • Improve absorption of vitamin A
  • Prostate gland function and growth of reproduction organs
  • Prevent acne, regulate activity of oil glands
  • Allow acuity of smell and taste
  • Protect liver from chemical damage

    Persons, who have deficiency of Zinc, may experience:

  • Slow wound healing, delayed sexual maturation,
  • Fatigue, growth impairment, high cholesterol levels;
  • Impaired night vision, hair loss
  • Impotence, increased susceptibility to infections, infertility,
  • Memory impairment,
  • Recurrent colds and flu, a propensity to diabetes,
  • Skin lesions, prostate disorders;
  • Fingernails become thin, peeled, with white spots.

Pricing ,2023: 1 ,500 ml bottle of Zinc is  $28.0 plus shipping and BC taxes.Discount 10%  comes with 3+ bottles.

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 Restrictions: Do not take pure colloidal Zinc, if you have personal allergy for Zinc.