“Silvery” – One of 5 varieties “GESCINA-5 ” formula face and body creams

Face and Body Cream

Silver itself in the colloidal form, is powerful protector and “friend’ of our skin.

  • Silver regulates water and oil balance in skin, but also helps to repair damaged cells;
  • Stops development of bacterial cells and inflammation, it is especially shown for problem skin,acne, rosacea,blackheads
  • Produces anti-edema action, protects skin from sunburns, irritations and infections.
  • It can be used not in cream but as sprayer,or lotion ingredient, in combination to other colloids (Gescina’  NANO- Spray)

However, combination of SeaBuckthorn oil with Silver allows to solve more skin disorders and extend the healing potential of our creams.

Face and body cream “Silvery” has delicate structure and special formula, it soothes skin, controls humidity, pH level, cleanses pores, accelerates cells healing and new cells growth. Ingredients of the  “Silvery” cream  help to protect skin against any invasive microorganisms, cures wounds, burns, scalds, reduces allergy, acts as tonic for any types of the skin.

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles, deters the degeneration of Collagen and Elastin, and reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles.
  • Protects against any pathogens, acts as anti-allergen
  • Balancing minerals, water ,pH and  electrical potential on skin surface
  • Deep and faster skin detoxifying, deodorization & decontamination
  • More efficient skin nourishing, rejuvenation, firming /anti-cellulite
  • A dramatic change to a silky,dewy, brighter skin[visible effects may appear as soon as  within couple of weeks daily usage ]
  • Anti-aging, helps wrinkles and blemishes fade away
  • Acne, itching dermatitis, rosacea, blackheads
  • No any harmful for skin health chemicals
Silvery cream can be applied as a night or day cream,provided that no other cosmetics used simultaneously. As for “cold bath” effect, one can apply more cream, rub gently onto skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then clean cream with soft pad and repeat again. This allows to remove all toxins, dry derma and nourish skin in fast way.Perfectly applicable to neck,all body around also. Shown for all ages and skin conditions, except deep fresh wounds.
Container Active ingredients Size Price
green or cobalt jars Pure colloidal Silver,Seabuckthorn 25 g $ 14.0
  Pure colloidal Silver,Seabuckthorn 30 g $ 18.0
  Pure colloidal Silver,Seabuckthorn 50 g $ 30.0
Cobalt glass jars Pure colloidal Silver,Seabuckthorn 60 g $ 35.0
Amber glass jars Pure colloidal Silver,Seabuckthorn 100 g $ 48.0


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