PURE COLLOIDS of so-called Precious, or “NOBLES’ catalytic elements :


The ELIXIR of LIFE is described in the Bible and is said to proceed from God’ Throne, a LIVING Water,that is clear as crystal...

Human body is loaded with various metals, in fixed or colloidal state. Each of metals play various roles and vital for supporting life.

Nobles as catalytic group of elements, possess unique energy ,vibrational frequency, that allows to promote or even catalyze biochemical processes in humans. Deficiency of few of metals may trigger a domino-like effect of the collapse the Human Metabolism, since our organs and glands depend on those elements. They help to produce biochemicals, enzymes, Vitamins. NOBLES help to not only resist aging, but also keep bodies disease free. The most biocompatible form of NOBLES to bring-in into the human body is pure colloids. Today it is widely recognized, that pure colloids of Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Iridium, Palladium, Platinum, and few others, offer wide spectrum of human body benefits .

Well-tested is Colloidal Silver,  the earliest colloidal mineral produced and utilized for healthcare.

Pure colloids contain high amounts of nano-size (from 2 to 100 nm) particles of pure element, surrounded by water molecules. We produce high quality colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium,  ELIXIR (formula contains Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc).

Those “WOW” mineral supplements can be safely used within weeks having no negative or side effects to human body. All of our colloids are stable, do not react with food or drinks(except alcohol) and can be used along with prescriptions and drugs.

For  one adult person, we suggest at least one ,500 mL bottle of colloidal mineral. Daily dosage again-suggested in-average, is 2-3 table spoonful, preferably taken separate from food.

Usage pure colloidal minerals for skincare is very beneficial. Sprays we offer are -Silver-spray and NANO-SPRAY, that contain various metals . Safe, delicate, hypo allergic and compatible to other skincare products.

NOBLES are inertious and do not interact to other supplements nutrients or medicine.


AMAZING LOCAL SEABUCKTHORN and other essential oils.

Unique plant on the Mother Earth that loaded with70+ health support ingredients, including four of OMEGAS:

OMEGA-3,6,7,and OMEGA-9, number of vital Vitamins, nutrients, minerals and organics .With reason Seabuckthorn  deserved reputation “King of Healing Plants”. Our team-is probably, the only one,local to Okanagan ,BC,CANADA, producer with 30+ years of expertise in the production of Seabuckthorn Oil ,Tea, skincare and more products.0I4A1206


Face and Body Creams containing pure noble elements along with essential oils and natural ingredients.

Such combination results in sound skin support benefits.


    Natural amazing face and body night creams that everyone loves.