Today it is widely recognized, that pure colloids of Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Iridium, Palladium, Platinum, and few others, offer wide spectrum of human body benefits .

Usage of   Gold, Silver, Platinum,Palladium and others in pure colloidal,non-ionic formula   have being launched relatively recently. Limitations come from the absence of reliable reproducible technologies of production high-quality colloids and proper evaluation of their roles as mineral dietary supplements.  While polemics still continue, multiple positive results are there and grow fast in numbers.

Well-tested is Colloidal Silver,Colloidal Gold, the earliest colloidal minerals produced and utilized for healthcare.

Pure colloids contain high amounts of nano-size (from 2 to 100 nm) particles of pure element, surrounded by water molecules. We produce high quality colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Platinum, Palladium,Iridium,  ELIXIR (formula contains 4 elements- Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc), at various strength (from 20 up to 150 ppm).

Those “WOW” mineral supplements can be safely used within weeks having no negative or side effects to human body.

All of our colloids are very stable,do not react with food or drinks(except alcohol) and can be used along with prescriptions and drugs.

For  one adult person, we suggest at least one ,500 mL bottle of colloidal mineral.Daily dosage again-suggested in-average, is 2-3 table spoonful,preferably taken separate from food.

Usage pure colloidal minerals for skincare is very beneficial.Sprays we offer are -Silver-spray and NANO-SPRAY,that contains Gold,Silver, Copper and Zinc. Safe, effective, hypo allergic and compatible to other skincare products.


AMAZING LOCAL SEABUCKTHORN and other essential oils.

Unique plant on Earth that has  in berries and seeds four of OMEGAS-OMEGA-3,6,7,and OMEGA-9,vital Vitamins,nutrients, minerals and organics that deserved reputation “King of Healing Plants”. Our team-is probably, only local producer with 30+ years of expertise in production of Seabuckthorn Oil in BC.

Other essential Oil we make ,are Saint-John’s Wort oil, Calendula, Chamomile,peppermint and more from local plants.


Face and Body Creams containing pure noble elements along with essential oils and natural ingredients.