Natural Skin Conditioner,NANO-SPRAY SERUM

This is a  unique Nano-spray Serum  contains sufficient amounts of colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and, in some cases, other precious elements.

Precious NANO-Spray is safe for all types skin and ages. All these ‘catalytically-active” elements carry tiny, pure and energy-active nano-particles, that easily travel through skin, and penetrate into individual cells, destroy single celled pathogens, that threaten one health, skin and well- being. Nano-particles of pure Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Palladium, have high energy potential and capacity to fast absorb and delivery Vitamins, nutrients and Oxygen (in its active form) to deeper skin layers. This produces sound positive impact to skin health and appearance, but in long run- overall body well-being. Golden particles carry sun-type energy to each cell keeping it healthy and active.

Skin concerns:

  • Loss of firmness
  • Loss of skin density
  • Inflammation, rashes (contact dermatitis)
  • Minor burns, sunburns
  • Irritability, allergic reactions to other creams, chemicals
  • Dry, dull, damaged skin
  • Dermatitis (few types), acne
  • Wrinkles, Sagginess
  • No concerns-just to maintain skin cells healthy and naturally- protected.

SKIN types: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combined, Sensitive, allergic

This ultra-refreshing serum[spray] formulated as advanced concentrated rare precious and few health-support minerals source. No any smell at all!                                                                                                                                                                                       Use: Apply freely on cleaned skin 2-3 times make sure, your skin is wet sufficiently, give it to dry naturally.

Packaging and Pricing: With CanPost we send only larger size bottles. Locally in Kelowna,  other sizes are available at curbside pick up. Contact at 778 484 4827.

Cobalt or amber glass bottles with mist spay pumps, and 250 ml amber glass bottle for refiling.
 Container  Active ingredients9Au,Ag,Cu,Zn,…)  Size  Price,  Ca $ 
 Plastic bottle with spray pump
  Pure colloids, higher levels, special formula in   processed water  250 ml
Dark glass bottles with pray pump   Pure colloids, higher levels, special formula in processed  water 60 ml $ 15.0
Dark glass bottles with pump or glass dropper  Pure colloids, higher levels, special formula in processed  water 100 ml $ 21.0
Dark glass bottles with spray pump   Pure colloids, higher levels, special formula in processed water 120 ml $ 25.2
amber glass bottle, plastic caps[refile]   Pure colloids, special formula in  processed water 250 ml $ 46.0