Colloidal Zinc

Zinc is a metal, vital to many biological functions, such as immune resistance, digestion, reproduction, wounds healing, physical growth, control of diabetes, manage functions of taste and smell. Zinc included into body biochemical-enzymes and enzymatic functions, synthesis of vitamin A and collagen, protein, lipids, metabolism of carbohydrates, and thus- production of energy. Zinc promotes level of vitamin E in the blood. This metal is important for normal growth and development, including during pregnancy.

Zinc is vital for male reproductive fluids, is a constituent of insulin, red and white blood cells, pancreas, the salivary gland, immune system cells. By boosting the immune system, Zinc may protect against fungal infections and various infections disorders, including conjunctivitis and pneumonia. Zinc important for prostate gland and may protect it from cancer.

Zinc helps regulate appetite, stress level, taste and smell, protects liver from chemical damage, promotes bones growth and carries other vital life support functions.  More than 300 enzymes contain Zinc, about 3,000 of 100,000 proteins involved in the human life. Zinc is important for synthesis of various proteins.

  Persons ,who have deficit of Zinc in the body would often experience:

  •   slow wound healing, delayed sexual maturation, fatigue, growth impairment, hair loss, high cholesterol levels;
  •   impaired night vision, impotence, increased susceptibility to infections, infertility,
  •   memory impairment, recurrent colds and flu, a propensity to diabetes, skin lesions, prostate trouble;
  •   loss of the senses of taste and smell, fingernails will become thin, peel, and develop white spots.
It is made by electrolysis in high quality processed water, similar to Copper colloidal, and included into GESCINA’ formula of E L I X I R.