Silver colloidal

GESCINA’  Colloidal  SILVER:

Pure highest quality colloidal state of “SAINT” metal in catalytically refreshed drinking water


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Before and during World War II Silver was used as the most powerful and effective natural antibiotic, anti fungal and antimicrobial tool. Silver kills about 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and microbes usually within 5-20 minutes of contact. It is suggested that the atom of Silver destroys the enzymes and works on cellular respiration, depriving the cells of the ability to breath. What is also important is that Silver does not allow harmful microbes to develop silver- resistant strains, in contrast to all traditional chemicals/drugs.

Colloidal Silver exists in Natural Spring Water, and is a safe and natural nutrient and a powerful defense “tool” against many diseases and infections.

Recent study shows, that Silver is, in fact, the vital structural element of the human body. In addition, Silver activates chakras.

Most of Silver is contained in brain, grey irises, the endocrine glands, liver, kidneys, skeletal bones and nucleus(nidus).

It is revealed, Silver is much more then killer of pathogens, it promotes growing of bone mass, accelerates processes of regeneration of damaged fibers. In the presence of Silver, body itself regenerates fibers (Dr. Robert Becker, orthopedic Surgeon, USA).

It acts as a catalyst in many chemical reactions of all organs, accelerating vitality and health of the whole body.

Silver as Gold, Copper and Zinc, participate actively in the synthesis of vitamins, ferments and hormones in the body.

A number of recent research studies show that Silver actively assists in the metabolic processes in the human body. It promotes oxygen absorption via brain tissues resulting in its improved functioning. Silver participates in the regulation of energy exchange in the body and it has been discovered that the stimulating impact Silver has to the formation of blood such as increasing lymphocytes, monocytes, erythrocytes and hemoglobin.

Thus, Silver is today considered as a micro element necessary for the normal functioning of the internal body systems and organs.

It is a powerful tool for immune-stimulation and as the widest spectrum antibiotic.


Provided, that Colloidal Silver manufactured by professional specialists, who controlling the process and amounts of Silver in all solutions, colloidal Silver is safe and doesn’t cause any negative consequences for children, adults and many  living species.

Clinical studies shown that at even higher levels, 0.01-0.05 mg/L, (equal to thousands of ppm) Silver colloidal is safe and considered as physiological amounts. Even during long periods drinking of pure colloidal Silver, it is accumulating in fibers, other organs, but this doesn’t cause any inflammations or destructive changes ,not dangerous.Silver in colloidal form may  prevent  plaques and various deposits on blood vessels and joints.

It is said,  that external applications  have had 90 times higher effect than Penicillin compounds[http://wwwh2oplanet.rushowentry.php].

Colloidal Silver has been used historically as a remedy for:

  • Allergies, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bladder infection, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils, bubonic plague, burns,
  • Candida, cholera, colitis, conjunctivitis, cystitis, dermatitis, diabetes, eczema, gastritis, gonorrhea, hay fever, whooping cough
  • Fungal infections, herpes, impetigo, indigestion, leprosy, leukemia, lupus, Lyme’s Disease, malaria,
  • Parasites, prostrate problems, psoriasis,
  • Rhinitis, rheumatism, ringworm, sore throat, shingles, skin tumors, syphilis,
  • Tooth decay, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, viral infections,
  • Warts, , and yeast infections (www. alchemists workshop.)

Many specialists claim that SILVER:

  •  Kills all known bacteria and viruses
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Speeds up healing and repair
  • Accelerates bones and muscle repair
  • Tones body and creates feeling of well-being
  • Promotes healthy joints and bones
  • Perfect skincare solution
  • Safely kills infections in eyes, ears, nose and sinus
  • Speeds healing of torn muscles and ligaments
  • Accelerates healing of stubborn skin ulcers
  • Promotes healthy plants growth (kills fungus and infection)
  • Promotes good health for dogs and other pets (boosts immune system and accelerates healing)
  • Fights results of pollution and allergens
  • Together with Zinc protects the prostate

to classify by few applications:


  • Chronic gastritis and round stomach ulcer
  • Chronic colitis, diabetes, indigestion,
  • Dys-bacteriosis; diarrhea, diphtheria, dysentery, infection hepatitis
  • A calculous cholecystitis, cystitis,


  • Angina, tonsillitis, gingivitis
  • Nasopharynx infections, pink eye, allergies
  • Resistance to para-influenza infections, flu, colds, viruses
  • Rhinitis, infection-causing pharyngitis


  • Pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial conditions
  • Asthma, flu, viruses


  • Periodontits, allergies, sinusitis
  • Gingivitis, stomatitis
  • Septic mouth, canker sores (aphthae), mucus membrane infections
  • Candida yeast infections (vaginal yeast, stomach-mycosis)


There are multiple cosmetic products based on colloidal Silver,

including lotions, sprayers, creams, tinctures, serums, salves and rubbing liquids.

[Great deal of developments done in 1940-1960 s in Russia [ Russian State Medical University, Scientific Center of regenerative medicine,). They developed quit a few skin-care cosmetic products with healing anti-aging and regenerative effects.].

Healing cosmetics with Silver is well-known area, the production exceeds tons globally.

Colloidal Silver in cosmetics

Silver diluted for skin applications,produces anti-aging, balancing effects on skin, especially for thin, dry,sensitive and irritable skin.

Silver eliminates dryness, seborrhea, improves skin tone, activates cells regeneration. Reduces inflammations, good for hair damaged by chemical colors and mechanical damage.

Silver stimulates activity of cells, extends blood capillary, balances level of hormones, promotes removal of toxins and wastes from organisms.

Due to this, the overall body tone is accelerating, and immune system strengthening.

Silver benefits for skin care have been reported for:

  • Acne, pustules, rosacea, blackheads
  • Septic wounds, herpes, skin tumors,
  • Children’s eczema, Dermatitis
  • Burns, wounds, frostbites, inflammations of various nature
  • Cellulitis
  • Post-operation treatment of skin/body organs, external/internal
  • Cosmetic industry (see our page on skincare applications)

** Many cosmetologists recommend to wash face daily with Silver colloidal, higher concentrations.

*** Suggested that better to warm up Silver water and wash face gently, than let to dry skin naturally, without towels.


Various topical/internal applications, bath water, toys, tools, clothing disinfection, as a rubdown, or warm fabric with strong Silver ,applications  around bodies.


-are reported continuously and prove the uniqueness of truly powerful friend of us, “Saint” metal Silver.

It is important to spare some amount of  Silver colloidal  at one home, and keep it in dark place at room temperature.Experimentally shown that colloidal Silver can stay within years.

*Note: It will not, though, kill bigger size bugs, flies or other insects, while destroying simple forms -streptococcus,staphylococcus. Silver helps to eliminate bad smell and disinfect areas. Perfectly and safely applicable to all pets and livestock animals.

Suggested dosage/use: 1-3 tablespoons of Colloidal Silver per day between meals, or as recommended by naturopaths. AS it is Moon metal, perfect time to drink Silver is overnight. Concentration and course depends from personal conditions. No dilution or blending  is required.

For cats and other pets dosage may be lower.

GESCINA ‘s Silver:

We produce 20, 50,100,150 and 200 PPM colloidal Silver in 250,500 or 1000 ml glass bottles.

It could be shipped safely within Canada.Clients from abroad need to contact us .

Payment: PayPal account we take visas,debits using Square up; Cash or cheques from locals are okay also.


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Household, Pets, Plants, Kitchen:

  • Humidifier, air cleaner
  • Refresh / disinfect air – spray colloidal  Silver in all rooms / kitchen 
  • Pets :Use as a disinfectant, antiseptic, antibiotic [ give orally, drop into ears, eyes, and much more].
  • Potted plants and garden plants/soil – spray on the leaves and soil. Acts as strong support for the plant and its roots. Fresh cut flowers stay longer in silvered air.
  •  Seeds/roots – spraying with 5-10 ppm of Silver helps to disinfect and increase yield, to improve maturity.
  • It has been proven that the treatment of seeds and roots could increase harvest up to 15%, simultaneously protecting plants from a number of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Soaking vegetables – allows better preservation and pickling. Silver added to pickling into jars allows reduce amount of other preservatives, while keeps original taste and freshness of fruits and vegetables.
*** Allergy for Silver is extremely rare, but one may easily check it, before starting course with family doctors or experienced naturopaths.