Colloidal Gold

Pure colloidal Gold: 50, 80,100 ppm  concentrations

As a result of number of scientific-research studies, utilized background of thousands of years of Golden Therapy, Gold is now recognized as one of the super-nutrients of the 21 th Century.

Along with Silver, Copper, Zinc, other minerals, Gold offers safe, non-toxic way to accelerate healing. Imbalance of Gold in the human body may lead to serious chronic health issues.

Gold works as a carrier of “sun” type of cellular energy, similar to human body energy, nutrients and active Oxygen; faster saturation cells by Oxygen improves cellular health, giving cells longer life, and in overall, promotes anti-aging and vitality of the whole human body.

Colloidal Gold, when taken in sufficient amounts, is able to:

  • Produce strong unequaled effects on physical/emotional and mental health, as well as to modulate metabolic, biochemical, immunological, and inflammatory pathogenic mechanisms.
  • Improve brain work ability, memory, stimulate mental activity, alertness, cognitive functions
  • Enhance, relax, relieve, interact with nerves, stress, arthritis, brain disorders, headache, migraine, upper back pain, numbness,
  • Reduce meteo-sensitivity
  • Boost, correct and balance the body’s neural system & open neural pass ways
  • It strengthens immune, nervous system, equates pulse, balances body temperature
  • Adjust to natural heart’s pumping rhythm
  • Gold is attributed capacity to delay prostate cancer. Women with ovary cancer are successfully healed with colloidal Gold. Gold is used in surgical process to patch impaired blood vessels, membranes, bones and nerves.
  • Gold able to amazingly destroy varicose veins, bruises, after-hit swellings, allergic reactions after insects’ sting, tumors, fibroma, nodules.
  • Reduce joints and inner ears inflammation
  • Work on failing eyesight, poor eye and hands coordination
  • To prevent/reduce rheumatoid arthritis, radiculitis and osteochondrosis
  • Postpone brain aging, memory [ Some brain impairment appears with aging, resulting in hands or legs trembling or other symptoms]
  • Treat obesity, anxiousness, depressive disorders
  • GOLD effective support for glands and weak liver
  • Fight against respiratory diseases
  • Gold attributed capacity for pain killing & antiseptic effects, especially for skin wounds, burns or ulcer, stabilizing Collagen
  • Gold may promote work of gastrointestinal system, eliminate/reduce Iron-deficiency anemia
  • Enhance sexual function, strengthen libido & improve fertility, delay prostate, ovary cancer
  • Assist relaxation & blood pressure control; enhance cardio-vascular system,able to reduce heart attacks, stroke, asthma
  1. GOLD may have positive effect in helping to control A.D.D (kids ‘Attention Deficit Disorder)
  2. GOLD may help with Paroxysm & muscles pain, Hysteria, Epilepsy
  3. Gold may take care of joint inflammation disease, obesity, anxiousness, depressive disorders,
  4. Failing eyesight, poor hand, eye coordination.
  5. Gold colloidal is used to lessen addiction to nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and carbohydrates. forces.

Various benefits are reported continuously by medical researchers and doctors, including:

  • Complete remission of herpes virus
  • Return of hyperthyroid to normal
  • Remission of many types of cancer
  • Healing of diabetic lesions and varicose
  • Complete remission of MS
  • Remission or control of most types of skin issues from acne to cancer
  • Hair growth
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Disappearance of agent-orange boils
  • Accelerate wounds healing

There are few symptoms of a Gold deficiency in the human body:

  • Brain dysfunction, cancer, chills, depression, digestive disorders,
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, obesity,
  • Joints inflammation, Arthritis, Osteochondrosis
  • Insomnia, night sweets, seasonal affected disorder, meteo sensitivity

Commonly reported subjective experiences by those, who used colloidal Gold as a dietary supplement continuously:

  • Increased sense of mental clarity & acuity, ability to coop with stresses
  • Increased sense of Optimism & motivation, overall   sense of ‘well-being”
  • Sense of improved focus, concentration & memory
  • Deeper more rejuvenating sleep with greater dream recall, improved creativity & imagination

Gold in combination with Copper and Silver, sometimes, more effective when treating Arthritis, Gout, Muscle and Joints or other disorders. In such applications, concentration of Gold should be 50,80 or even higher.However, our amazing ELIXIR able to do great impacts to one well-being since it contains four catalytic elements in colloidal form- Gold,Silver, Copper and Zinc.[ Sometimes we add colloidal Platinum or Palladium].

To drink or rub onto the problem spots, just add Colloidal Gold along with colloidal Copper (150 ppm), in the same amounts- both orally and topically. In rubbing or drinking mixtures, one can benefit even more by adding colloidal Silver at higher concentrations. This seems to work exceptionally well with many people.

Currently, we produce 50, 80 and 100 ppm pure Gold.

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