Copper- Metal of Longevity

According to multiple studies, Copper is very important part of human body and plays vital roles for   health, mind and even spirit.       

Some analysts suggested, in order to clear mind, keep portion of colloidal Copper 2-3 minutes in the mouth, before swallowing. It helps in brain work-ability, clarity, refresh memory, like Gold and Silver.    

Copper also:

  • Required for Erythrocytes, Collagen and Hemoglobin production, metabolism of proteins, synthesis of RNS;
  • Strengthens blood circulatory system, oxygenated blood, cleanses arteries and veins, regulates arterial tension, helps to prevent stroke
  • Regulates varicose veins, helps to digest and fix Iron and maintain heart, arteries
  • Stimulates blood-forming of bone narrow, helps to fix Calcium, and Phosphorus in the bones
  • Assists in the reversal of graying hair, helps retain original natural youthful color
  • Relieves joint and muscles pain, promotes regeneration of joints
  • Plays vital role in the functioning of the immune system
  • Helps to resolve fine wrinkles and lines, improves skin elasticity, and, thus, defends against aneurysm, arteriosclerosis, blocked arteries, deafness, inner-ear, lower back pain
  • Responsible for skin color and health of nerves;
  • Increases synapse response within the brain leading to clearer brain clarity
  • Effective against few types of parasites,
  • Copper is a Catalyst for ferments activation;
  • Irreplaceable element for cells healing, and production of cellular energy
  • Defines human body capacity to perceive tastes, smell, skin and hair color
  • Persons, who take Vitamin C, need to add Copper to diet also;
  • Together with Zinc and Vitamin C Copper promotes the production of Elastin responsible for skin turgor/elasticity
  • Stabilizes water and minerals exchange by the body (obesity or leanness)
  • Produces positive impact to eyes, nervous system
  • Prevents formation of cancer cells, improves metabolism, reduces pain.