One of the ” GESCINA-5″ group FACE and BODY CREAMS

Key all-NATURAL ingredients: Colloidal Gold [utilizing the power of “Sun metal” outside and inside our bodies] and high-potent SeaBuckthorn oil we produce professionally locally. Particles of colloidal Gold in water are very small (5-20 nm), while pores of skin sizes about 25-500 nm. This allows Gold penetrate easily to skin and act as carrier of  SUN -type energy, Oxygen, Vitamins, Nutrients  of SeaBuckthorn or other natural additives, nourish and detoxify skin and body from various wastes and toxins. Golden nano-particles attract, absorb and hold water in deep skin layers. “Golden Perfection” is one of our group of GESCINA-5 face/skin creams based on various precious elements colloids and Seabuckthorn Oil. 

Applications: Normal, dry, dully-damaged, vulnerable/ sensitive skin .

   Safe and simple use: As a night moisturizing cream, or as day cream without other chemical cosmetics.

Place very little amount of Golden Perfection over face and smooth it over with light motions all around face and neck. preferably, use it on fresh-cleansed skin. Visible benefits comes within the first week of usage. The cream is very economical. Please, keep our delicate creams at cold temperatures, preferably,-in the fridge. This cream is nourishing  for not only face but other skin also.
Container Active ingredients Size Price
 amber glass jars Pure colloidal Gold, Seabuckthorn oil 25 g $ 18.0
green glass jars Pure colloidal Gold, Seabuckthorn oil 30 g $ 23.0
amber glass jars Pure colloidal Gold, Seabuckthorn oil 50 g $ 32.0
cobalt glass jar Pure colloidal Gold, Seabuckthorn oil 60 g $ 42.0
amber glass jar Pure colloidal Gold, Seabuckthorn oil 100 g $ 58.0
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