Our Natural Face Creams


Natural amazing face and body night creams that everyone loves


Amazing, soft natural face and body cream contains  pure Colloidal Gold, Silver, Platinum and  may contain few other elements, as Copper, Zinc, plus, sound amounts of our SeaBuckthorn Oil, and few natural ingredients. Unique combination of ingredients in this cream results in its sound benefits for skin.

It perfectly moisturizing skin,conditioning and makes it looking  fresh, soft and beautiful.

USAGE: Simple, basic and universal:Keep all of our creams in a fridge,do not put your finger into a jar,but small spoon or wooden  sticks. Mostly, one can use it as night cream.However, it is good as day cream provided, no other lotions or creams used simultaneously. Option 2: Perfectly compatible with NANO-Spray,skin-conditioner , that used as base under creams.

Apply after getting up in the morning or before retiring to sleep. Gently massage cream into skin, where needed to see resultant  effects. Your skin will like it-dry,damaged or just normal. Applicable for all ages and types of skin.

 All of our creams packed into  dark glass,or white PET  jars with plastic caps.

Size of jars: 50  and 100 grams.
Container/ CREAM  Active ingredients Volume Price,$
    GESCINA-5  Seabuckthon oil,pure Gold, Silver,Platinum  50 g 38.0
GOLDEN PERFECTION Seabuckthorn Oil,pure Gold(24 karates) 50 g 34.0
PLATINUM Pure Platinum,other minerals, Seabuckthorn oil
50 g  36.0
SILVERY Pure Silver, Seabuckthorn 50 g 32.0
GOLDEN PERFECTION Seabuckthorn Oil,pure Gold(24 karates) 100 g 58.0
GESCINA-5  Seabuckthon oil,pure Gold, Silver,Platinum  100 g 62.0

     COLLOIDAL skin Conditioner NANO-SPRAY

As pure colloid, water-based it contains Gold,Silver, Copper and Zinc.

Bottled into 110 ml bottles with mist spray pump ,and refill bottles 250 or 500ml in dark glass,or winter time PET bottles.

For shipping we offer: total volume 2 bottles of 110 ml( $38.0), 250 ml($36.0) or even 500 ml($72.0).Ask us what is available today or backorder.