ELIXIR-Drink of longevity

ELIXIR-  Four essential minerals=MICRO ELEMENTS  dietary supplement

ELIXIR contains four “catalytic” metals – Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc, resulting in outstanding spectra of overall health-support activity in the human [and many animals!] organisms. All of them act not only as catalysts for numerous biochemical reactions, but are important part of human organs and systems.

It is used specific  formula and ratio between all four elements, to provide resonating effects to improve, protect and promote one health and well-being in overall.

Included effects also related to spiritual lift-ups, all chakras activation, traditionally attributed to few plants capacity.

*In few cases, we add catalytic amounts of pure colloidal Platinum or Palladium.

GESCINA’ ELIXIR has various strength and ratio of  metals for various applications.

U S A G E:

As GENERAL HEALTH TONIC and Conditioner, daily maintenance of levels those elements, and also:

  • To protect daily one’ body from invasive microorganisms, allergens, multiple pathogens, viruses
  • Neutralize and protect human organs against chemical [ gaseous, water-soluble] pollutants
  • Mitigate stress-related issues, support one during life changing, post-operational periods, traumas and much more.

ELIXIR offers great support for the human body, when having specific health issues.It is safe for all ages and conditions.

Elixir is designed as potential:

  • Immune system booster, overall health tonic, life extension supplement
  • Powerful antiseptic-antibiotic with the widest spectra activity
  • Promoter for brain activity and performance
  • Clear blood vessels, assist body to fight against various disorders

It is pure liquid without smell, taste, colorless. Stable within 3-4 years (keep it in dark quiet place). Shake well bottle before usage, since all these metals, even in nano-form, tend to settle down, which causes different distribution in vessels by height.

 UNIQUENESS of ELIXIR formulas: Bio-compatible, safe, no additives, man-made drugs or Chemicals

Nano-particles of colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc [same as Platinum or Palladium] are much smaller than internal mucus membranes pores or paths, and they easily travel through body systems. Few nano-particles may carry positive electrical charge and surrounded by water molecules and clathrates, allowing stay suspended. At bigger size or coagulation conditions (frost, electro-magnetic forces), nano-particles of all these elements tend to sink to the bottom of vessel. Such colloids slow losing their strength as health supplements.

Colloidal  catalytic elements are not only act as transport agents to delivery energy, Oxygen, Nutrients to various cells, but also participate in numerous bio-chemical reactions occurring constantly in our organs. According to suggestions, ultra-fine colloidal particles of catalytic elements built crystal-like structure around damaged tissue or cell. They  able to activate the body own immune system to heal and repair cells. There are even indications, that cancer cells in the presence of colloidal Silver able to turn to normal ones. That research continues.

Many chronic diseases start due to deficiency one or another mineral. As indicated Dr. Linus Pauling, two- time Nobel Prize Winner, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

Name just few of direct and safe applications of ELIXIR formulas for one well-being:

  • Brain- clarity, focusing, acceleration (increases blood flow to the brain, accelerates speed of synapse communication;
  • Oxygenation of blood and capillaries, and thus-produce regenerative activity
  • Blood circulatory cleanser (A liquid roto-rooter for the blood’s circulatory system)
  • Help to prevent strokes, aneurysms
  • Immune-deficient illnesses
  • Viral infections, general diseases
  • Nerves, stress situations, headache, relaxation
  • Metabolism-weight management, helps to eliminate toxic waste and improve natural metabolic process
  • Improve glandular function, Libido, help with infertility
  • Improve the functioning of eyes, ears, throat
  • Skin applications benefits [ see Precious NANO-SPRAY Serum].

The uniqueness of such combination is in their synergism of joint activity. It is shown, that colloidal Silver in the presence of “catalytic amounts of  Gold shows much stronger potential-as powerful antibiotic, killing more than 650 pathogens without side effects, help repair damaged cells, faster heal soft tissue.

Copper in the presence of  Silver also works faster and stronger-

  • Cleanses blood arteries, eradicates aneurysm, may prevent heart attacks or stroke
  • Faster oxygenates the blood and capillaries.
  • Copper in the presence of Gold and Silver, promotes brain clarity ,more effective for external treatment of swollen joints and muscles.

Colloidal Gold in the presence of 3 other colloids, more effective for:

  • neural diseases, faster regulate heart rhythm, improve libido and sexual functions,
  •  more effective for body relaxing, stress release, reduce, eliminate headache , lower back and other stress-related  pains.

The Efficacy  of ELIXIR  may be  referred to synergistic effects of  activity of all  catalytic elements.


Drink 2-3 table spoons a day, one bottle for one adult person. Every day till finished. Better, drink it separate from food intake for 30-40 minutes One bottle suggested as minimum for one course. If there are any medical conditions, one may need 3-4 bottles per year. Since  all  minerals are in bio-compatible form, it is safe to use ELIXIR along with other supplements, only separate the usage by time.

Restrictions: Do not combine ELIXIR  usage with Iodine or Iron supplements. Do not use ELIXIR if you have allergy to those 4 metals
*We do not advice use by pregnant women.
Container Size, mL   Price, Ca $
 Amber glass bottle
 250    38.0
Amber glass  bottle  500
  $ 78.0
Amber glass  bottle 1000 ml   $ 146.0
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