G O L D-purest colloidal

Pure Colloidal Gold – bio-compatible, efficient and safe

  Paracelsus… „Of all Elixirs, Gold is supreme and the most important for us… Gold can keep the body     indestructible…  Drinkable Gold will cure illnesses, it renews and restores. Gold imparts the life forces of the primordial male principle, Sun. Its themes are –energy, stimulation, vitality, recovery, activation, creativity, confidence, organizational skills, and ego strengthening.

  Famous alchemist of China Zcho Hun called Gold as Elixir of Life an anti-aging and life-extension product.  First references on “Golden water” came from 2000 years B.C.in Ayurveda practice. That was clear water solution of Gold with about 0.0005 to 0.001 mg/L of Gold. Key applications revealed at that  time were: potent immune-stimulant, improve brain and mental activity, life tone, anti depression, stimulation of heart activity, stabilization  of pulse and memory]. By its nature, Gold doesn’t produce any toxic impacts to the human organs, but due to extremely small size of nano-particles it is able to penetrate to all systems, fibers  and the whole body.

Anti-aging features of Gold been known in ancient Egypt, but only recently science able to explain it.

***NOTE: This description  is provided for education purposes only. Feel free to google more on pure colloidal Gold. We do not claim any of our products as a medicinal, but only as high quality purest natural mineral supplements.
You may contact your family doctors on personal dosage and applications of  our colloids.

As a result of multiple scientific and practical studies, Gold today is recognized as one of super-nutrients of the 21th Century. Such sheaf of applications colloidal Gold is impossible for compact metallic Gold.

Along with colloidal Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Copper or Zinc, Gold offers safe, non-toxic way to accelerate healing. Imbalance of Gold and other catalysts for bio-chemical processes in the human body may lead to health issues.

   Effects of Gold:   Gold not only increasing “electrical Potential” on cellular level. Through Root, Heart and Crown chakras, Gold able to harmonize the entire organism.
Since Pure Colloidal Gold vibration frequency is similar to Sun light, it delivers vital energy on cellular level almost immediately as super- conductor. One of the key reasons for this immediate action lies in the extremely small size of Golden nano- particles and its large quantities.

…Measurements by the Life-Test Institute have demonstrated that, especially the kidney and bladder meridians are being stimulated, which, according to traditional Chinese Medicine, is an increase of life energy itself. This means that a person’s vitality and life-forces can be demonstrably strengthened.

Gold able to detoxicate and purge, & in this way, re-balance the “juices of the body”. It helps to remove heavy metals, ingested pollutants, drug residues and metabolic waste products. Naturopathy has demonstrated, that through such detoxification and clearing therapies, all kinds of illnesses, especially the modern so-called “diseases of civilization”, can be influenced positively.  As an embodiment of the Sun principle, Gold also lightens the emotions & the spirit & heightens all mental powers. Therefore, Gold in pure colloidal state presents sound potent cure for depression, can counterbalance moodiness and instill peace of mind.

What is important, pure colloidal Gold demonstrating no any negative side effects. Colloidal Gold, when taken in sufficient amounts, is able to:

  • As all-natural super-tonic, to carry promotional & health- strengthening forces
  • Produce strong unequalled effects on physical/emotional and mental health, as well as to modulate metabolic, biochemical, immunological, and anti-inflammatory mechanisms

     Commonly reported subjective experiences by those, who used colloidal Gold as a dietary  supplement

  • Increased sense of Optimism & motivation, overall sense of ‘well-being”
  • General feeling of well-being, accelerated energy levels
  • Sense of improved clarity, focus, concentration & memory
  • Deeper, more rejuvenating sleep with greater dream recall
  • Improved creativity & imagination
  • Increased sense of mental clarity & acuity, ability to coop with stress.

**   Nano-particles of Gold, compare to compact metallic form, present one of the most enigmatic  products.  Areas of its usage in the human activity are just countless.

  There are few symptoms of Gold deficiency in the human body:

  • Brain dysfunction, cancer, chills, depression, digestive disorders,
  • Addiction to drugs, alcohol, obesity
  • Insomnia, night sweets, seasonal affected disorder, meteo- sensitivity

         GOLD in the cosmetology:

  • Gold is a catalyst for Collagen [protein responsible for skin turgor] & Elastin (protein of joint fibers) synthesis. Since nano-particles of Gold stimulate production of Elastine and Collagen, this helps to maintain original skin density and patterns.
  • Gold stimulates skin regeneration on cellular level, delays aging processes.
  • Gold stimulates blood circulation & strengthens capillary, improves tones of skin or muscles, helps to heal wounds, burns, skin ulcer
  • Gold helps to deal with aging skin deformations, expression wrinkles, supports dry or damaged skin.

         Regular skin application benefits:

  • Improves skin turgor and elasticity; promotes lifting
  • Deep humidifying and detoxifying skin cells
  • Restore natural skin protecting barriers
   Scalp:  It is good for any type of hair- washing and compresses with colloidal Gold help greasy skin,    while dry skin becomes humidified and soft. Nano- particles of Gold, as transport agents, carry electric  potential, vital nutrients deeper into skin cells, accelerate anti—aging; It helps to strengthen hair follicles & reduce seborrhea. In normal conditions, for general calm and well being, drink Colloidal Gold within 3-4 weeks, on a daily   basis, then make 1-week brake, and next two weeks – repeat course.

      Our colloidal Gold: it is not Ionic product.

GESCINA’ s purest colloidal Gold produced at maximum strength and sold in 500 ml dark glass or [during winter shipping] dark   PET bottles. This is -the highest quality pure colloid, that produced professionally, by proprietary Technology. It is safe and delicate. To prevent sedimentation, please shake well each time you going to drink it.  Avoid keeping colloids at cold temperatures.
Suggested Daily dosage – 1 to 2 table spoons(15 to 20 ml)  of Gold, dilute each portion by 2-3 portions of drinking water. Take 30-40 minutes before any meal in the morning or throughout the day. Drink slowly.Do not drink before slip.
*One bottle of 500 ml GESCINA’ Gold is suggested for one adult person full course. Drinking Course, preferably to be repeated few times per year. Personal physiology should be taken into consideration. Sometimes, results are not visible right away, but benefits are there, likewise with other mineral supplements.
  POSSIBLE  RESTRICTIONS: Personal allergy to metals and Gold
Price in 2023: 1,500 ml bottle -68.0 Ca$; 
Pricing doesn’t  include local, BC taxes and shipping costs. Before placing orders, please, contact us for the full quote.
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